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Since 2009 we are involved in several engineering projects, focusing on Civil, ConstructionIndustrial and Site production and Health and Safety Related Problems, creating BIMaking Engineering during second half of 2016. Since almost Ten years of professional activity, we have specialized on BIM (Building Information Modeling) implementation accelerator, using new technologies involved in Industry 4.0, strictly respecting ISO and UNI Italian standards.

We’re collaborating with several firms and companies operating in Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Civil Engineering.

We offer technical consultancy in the field of safety at work and environment, such as the preparation of the H&S and HSE Risk Assessment Document (DVR), Safety Operational Plans (POS), AUA authorization procedures, waste management, respecting Italian and International H&S requisites and laws.

We organize training courses on safety at work due to Italian D.lgs. 81/08, specific decrees and State Region Agreements: specific training for Workers, Firefighters, Emergency Management Officers, Supervisors, Security Workers Representatives (RLS).

We provide a “Full BIM” service following Italian UNI 11337 –  the Italian standards for BIM, especially for parts 5 and 6, and new 7: management section of the informative specification:

  • Project management methods (4D – Timeline and Project Management)
  • Cost estimating (5D – Calculations, estimates and evaluations)
  • Maintenance (6D – Operations, use, management, maintenance and disposal)
  • LCA and sustainability (7D – Social, economic and environmental sustainability)
  • Health and Safety and Training Simulations (8D – BIM Applications for H&S Engineering)

We strongly believe in Open source opportunity for design automation, like programming, visual scripting, aiming to best practises implementation for Civil and Industrial engineering projects.

We offer a specific service aimed to build plugins that can accelerate BIM workflow, as companion as well known BIM softwares.

Otherwise we can offer specific training for companies and firms who want to begin a useful workflow from switching from CAD technologies to BIM.

(All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners)

We created a useful workflow using Game Engine technologies, such as with Epic Games (Enterprise section), the same company who made available Unreal Engine , available as Open Source code via GitHUB.

We are using and implementing their technology for ArchViz Projects and Realtime Renders and Health and Safety VR and AR simulations, and Maintenance for Industry 4.0.

We’re hosting, in collaboration with Epic Games the Perugia is Unreal! Meetup (Please have a tour there), aimed to teach and train the use of UE4 code for engineering projects. 

We can deliver focused project based either on Unity Technologies, Godot Engine, Blender Engine, such as Lumion, Twinmotion and Enscape3D render services.

We can show our technology as demo, just contact us if interested, by filling contact form.

3D BIM Design

We deliver specific BIM design services, Architectural, Structural, MEP.

Visual and Computational Scripting

Visual Scripting is a tool designed to make the entry barrier to programming much lower. As code is more visual, it needs less abstract thinking to be understood.

HSE Services

Health (H), Safety (S), Environment (E) (together HSE ) is a discipline and specialty that studies and implements practical aspects of environmental protection and safety at work.

VR AR for Training

Elevate workplace safety and training programs by seeing through employees eyes. User-Friendly Experiences, scoring control available.

Open BIM Standard Implementation

We strongly respect all ISO and IUNI for Open BIM, according to Italian Standards.

Open Source Aided Computing

Let the computational design and a data-driven process to generate thousands of potential geometries. Explore many options without manually model each one.

AEC and MEP Design

We provide a full turnkey service on AEC and MEP design, due to experience in many engineering fields, Italian chartered professionals collaborating toghether for best results.

Industry 4.0: BIM to Maintenance

With the integration of BIM model with related information of facilities maintenance, the facility staffs may improve the efficiency on maintenance of facilities.

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